Sunday, September 23, 2012

Creative Blocks Not Allowed!

Ever have one of those days when you want to be creative, try really hard to be creative, but just can't seem to make anything work no matter what? I'm having one of those days today. I've been working like mad on the day job, and was really hoping to hit the ground running this weekend with the Fall 2012 collection. Everything is in place for me to make gorgeous things. Except...for me.

What I thought would look gorgeous came out looking chintzy. So much so that I had to step away from it to rethink. This whole collection has been like that so far. It's making me wonder if I am on the right path or not.

I may have to walk away from it and gather myself for another angle. Another idea. Another...I don't know, dammit!

Guess it's all a part of the creative process sometimes.

So, in the meantime, I'll just work on the website. I love my newfound Photoshop skills. Here's the latest banner I just put up:

At least that part of me is functioning, lol!

Wishing you and yours a great rest of the weekend (if you have any left) -J

Monday, September 3, 2012

New Items!

Here are a couple of new items now available from me online! These were originally created and featured for the Artisan LA collection. Find them on!

-luv J

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Finding time to blog

I've been having some trouble finding time to blog over the past, um, year. You see, I got a stellar new day job and it has been monopolizing my time. And I moved from LA to Orange County. And I have revamped my life a bit to suit the not-so-new-anymore job (but it is still pretty awesome. The job that is.)

Seems to me that I need a little more balance, a little more bright 'n' shiny, a little more fun in my life! So, being the semi-type-A personality that I am (with hints of B, especially when naps are involved), I'm revamping the webpage (, putting together a new collection *hint, it involves upcycled textiles* and promising to do my best to start blogging and bringing new info to you, my three subscribers. Now don't get all excited at once! LOL!

Anyway, here's a sneak preview of the new website. Should be going live and completed in the next week or so. Here's hoping it works!

Thanks for your support in advance. You're gonna love the new website, the ease of use, and the fact that it has it's own shopping platform and you don't need to go through Etsy anymore. Wohoo!

Cheers -J

Saturday, July 2, 2011

70 Things to do When Your Giddy-Up is Giddy-Gone


It seems lately that a huge number of people are undergoing the same experience: seemingly impossible hurdles getting in their way. What do you do when 120% just isn’t coming, you’re about to throw in the towel, and your inspiration (not to mention your mood) is completely shot? Let’s not even mention financial difficulties, family matters and illnesses, as well as the huge amount of challenges the economy is throwing at everyone?

What do you do when your giddy-up is giddy gone?

Here are some suggestions*

- Take a hot bath.
- Put on your fiercest red lipstick…
- …and your killer stilettos.
- Take a “time out”.
- Start a “Gratitude Journal”, write down what you are grateful for so you can pull it out in times like these. - Make a “kudos” file to remind yourself that you ARE good at who you are.
- Take an exercise break.
- Cuddle your pets.
- Cuddle your kids.
- Cuddle your husband/wife.
- Have sex.
- Drink a glass of wine and reflect.
- Watch a daytime talk show. Realize it can get worse.
- Remember what’s really important.
- Have a family evening.
- Accept that you have to ask for help.
- Go ahead and cry, break down, holler at the world.
- Go for a long walk in nature. Or around the block if that’s what you have.
- Pray.
- Lose yourself in busy work. Don’t think.
- Volunteer. Give back.
- Do something nice for someone else.
- Make something with your hands.
- Yoga, meditate.
- Go to your “happy place”.
- Talk to a friend.
- Give hugs.
- Use work as a distraction.
- Prescriptions/see your therapist.
- Schedule your moping/woe is me time. “Can’t think about it until 8p!”
- Break shit. I love this one, I take it out on CD’s and turn my angst into beautiful things.
- Remember that for some reason unknown to you, the Universe has decided this is where you need to be. Or not.
- Pull the covers up over your head and sleep.
- Take a hot shower.
- Be kind to yourself.
- Acknowledge the suckage and call it out. “Hey bullshit! I don’t need or want you. LEAVE!”
- Remind yourself that others have it much much worse.
- Allow yourself time to grieve.
- Let IT go!
- Take deep breaths and just get through it.
- Laugh.
- Suck it up.
- Play that funky music - at loud volumes!
- Dance, dance, dance!
- Can’t go wrong with chocolate.
- Get a mani-pedi.
- Buy a little something to cheer you up.
- Remember that it’s only temporary.
- Think back to things in the past that you’ve had to do and hated.
- Change your outlook.
- Realize shit happens.
- Adjust your critical eye, look at the problem from the outside in.
- Every morning when you get up, think of 3 good things in your life. (Not always easy!)
- Learn something new.
- Read a book.
- Play a musical instrument.
- Garden.
- Cook.
- Get into nature.
- Eat something you love.
- Watch something stupid on TV.
- Choose a mantra. Mine is “the only way out is through”.
- Realize that sometimes, you aren’t in control and life is going to do what it wants with you.
- Get out of the house. Don’t hermit or cut yourself off from people.
- Set a goal. Make it achievable with a deadline.
- Get a change of scenery. Work on the laptop outside, for example.
- Sing at the top of your lungs!
- Yell, scream, pound your fists into a pillow, take up boxing.
- Play a game.
- Try to find your light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope this list of suggestions helps. Have anything that works for you? Share it in the comments section!

-luv J

*This list was inspired by a posting on an Etsy forum started by FancyPantsAndMore.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Other stuff I do...

Hi all!

OK, so by now you know I hand make upcycled jewelry. Yeah, whatever. But did you know...?

- Yes, I can fix that...

- Yes, I can custom make that...

- Yes, my cocktails are delicious...and you can hire me for private parties?

Now you do!

Enjoy your summer!

Hugs -J

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Now at Majestical Roof!

Say "Hello!" to Majestical Roof, an amazing independent and handmade store in Old Town Pasadena.

They are now carrying the Pop Culture Princess line!

And be sure to check out some of the other awesome artists that are there like Helena Rose and Dreams by Machine.


-luv J

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Make Music Pasadena is this Saturday!

Come on by the Majestical Roof stage (and say HI to Pop Culture Princess!) at the Make Music Pasadena festival this Saturday! The line-up is:

Majestical Roof Stage
Map It

11:00am The Six Shooters
12:00pm Blind Pony
1:00pm Ketchup Soup
2:00pm The Downtown Train
3:15pm Garland Band
4:15pm Brutus Gets the Girl
5:15pm The Bixby Knolls
6:15pm The Lonely Wild
7:15pm Tommy Santee Klaws
8:30pm Seasons
9:45pm The New Limb
11:00pm Robotanists

And there are other vendors there as well, such as:

Beth Gray (Batik Tops and Tanks)
Helena Rose (Paintings, Handbags, and Jewelry)
Lynn Rothacher ‘La-DiDa’ (Party Hats and cards)
Troy Cantu ‘ITH’ (New Age Natural Adornments)
Laura Brody ‘Dreams by Machine (Wearable Art)
Helen Mathis (Homemade Bath and Body Products)

I'm so excited, I could launch a new pet-related line called "My Best Friend Has Four Legs" that 100% of the net proceeds benefit the Pasadena Humane Society!

See you there :) -luv J

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer approacheth!

Hi all - I've been a little teeny bit busy lately. Not necessarily making any money, but gaining fans, selling more, doing more custom and repair work, and grateful that people seem to like what I do.

So, this is both a wrap up of the last couple of months, and a look forward to the next couple! Hit it:

- April and May saw the highest amount of sales yet for PCP! THANK YOU to Joselle, Claudia, Arts Alive Mission Viejo and my new fans and buyers!

- June is my one year anniversary of creating upcycled jewelry. I still have no idea where the heck this talent came from but am starting to focus more, get my backlog out of the way and spread the word - yay!

- The summer event season is ON so I've been getting more bartending and serving work as well. Upcoming events include weddings, bar/bat mitzvah's, the MTV Movie Awards, and PGA Golf stuff. My feet are not thanking me, but c'est la vie.

- I have joined the 21st century and you can now find me on Twitter! Follow me

Now, on to upcoming!

- The bracelet you see above is being donated to benefit 2VIE – Silent Art Auction Benefit Event being held July 9 organized to help cover my friend Vee Vitanza’s post surgery medical bills for the acoustic neuroma brain tumor operation and other daily expenses. For more information, please see

- I am a Team BiteMe! Squad member for the Pasadena Humane Society's Wiggle Waggle Walk for the third year in a row! In the next couple of weeks, you will start seeing some new pet-related jewelry from me and the proceeds will be donated to help support the animals. If you want to donate directly to myself or my team, the website is Don't worry if you miss it this time, I'll be hitting you up I'm sure. And I'm the one taking the picture -- in the photo are Nikki, Jeremy, and Coco from the 2009 Walk.

- I am in custom order and repair heaven right now! So just remember, if you have an idea I can help you make it a reality. And if you have a store, I offer wholesale pricing.

Cheers dears, and enjoy the beginnings of summer!

Saving landfills one upcycled piece at a time,


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Upcoming events!

Hi all - here is a brief listing of some upcoming Pop Culture Princess events!

April 16 - Breast Cancer BBQ (private event) honor Joselle's 5 years Cancer free! I will have a table there with net proceeds of all sales going to her Revlon Run/Walk fundraising effort, and my gorgeous Fancy Collar Necklace will be silent auctioned. If you would like to make a bid but will not be attending, just let me know by Saturday! Go Joselle!

The site to donate is:

April 30 - May 1 - Arts Alive Festival, Mission Viejo

The Arts Alive Festival is a free event on the Village Green in Mission Viejo. It is also my first juried art event that I will be selling at! Along with the artists, there will be a green expo, street painting, food and musicians as well as workshops.

For more information:

In the meantime, don't forget to check the Pop Culture Princess website for new items!

-luv J

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Adventures in Inspiration

Life has been quite an adventure for me lately!

A post or two ago had a photo of a lovely coral and pearl cuff I recycled from an old moth-eaten Andrew Gn cashmere sweater. Little did my friend Joselle know that it and a matching necklace were going to be given to her for her birthday! Here is a photo of her ROCKING her new Pop Culture Princess custom-made jewelry. Thank you Joselle for your support (and your card, it means the world to me and is on my inspiration wall!)

I have been working a lot lately in another area - bartending and serving at special events. Something has to pay some of the bills, right? It's been quite an adventure - I have had the privilege of working some incredible events such as the Grammy's, NBA All Stars, Directors Guild Awards, Critics Choice Awards, and the Academy Awards! Strange how life takes you places you always wanted to go, but in very unexpected ways.

I also worked the TED conference this week, and was able to eavesdrop on some amazing "TED talks" - each presentation is allowed to go 18 minutes and is on ideas that are worth discussing. Some of the highlights were seeing Bill Gates and his presentation on education, seeing Roger Ebert and hearing his new "voice" publicly for the first time, Morgan Spurlock holding court, and watching Reed Hastings (Netflix CEO) mentor. It was an incredible array of amazing minds working together to learn more about how to make this world a better place.

The absolute highlight for me was Eythor Bender's presentation. He is the the CEO of Berkeley Bionics, and presented an exoskeleton they are working on for both military and civilian applications. After showing an example of how it could be used for the military, he brought out Amanda Boxtel, a paraplegic who was injured 19 years ago in a skiing accident. She is wheelchair bound and was told she would never walk again. In the photo posted, she is walking again for the first time.


Her joy was boundless! There wasn't a dry eye in the house (including mine). Standing ovation - it was like watching a miracle occur before you.

Needless to say, it inspired me to no end seeing what the human brain, technology, design, and willpower can do. I am constantly amazed at our world, and the way the universe works.

Off to work later at the Reagan Library on Air Force One. Wonder what will inspire me today? -luv J

PS: keep good thoughts for me as I am a finalist for a position with an incredible company. And healing and loving thoughts to mi famiglia as they have suffered some recent losses that have been very hard on them.